Boutique consulting firm for your specialized business planning needs

You have the problem, we have the solution

Idea Viability

  • A Idea which cannot generate revenue is not an idea We work on all aspects of idea in terms of viability, feasibility, accountability and Scalability.
  • We provide un biased report which gives clarity to entrepreneurs on their idea.
  • Every entrepreneur feels his idea is the best we try to give clear report with retrospection of all parameters which ensures should the idea be implemented or left out.

Plan for startups

  • It’s a document which gives clarity and acts a blue print.
  • It helps entrepreneurs in taking the big decision of leaving their jobs and starting own company.
  • “Never test the depth of river with both feet” WARREN BUFFET perfectly holds good for start-ups

Existing Companies

  • The necessity for business plan for existing companies arises when it’s looking in for either expansion of existing business.
  • In planning process of diversifying the business which can be from its existing industry segment or altogether a different industry segment.
  • It also helps in giving clarity with regard to valuations and dilution of equity.

Flexi Consulting

  • Every MSME has pain areas which hinder the growth The major reasons for these pain areas are non availability of expertise person to work on providing solution to these areas.
  • The major areas of pain points are Sales, Marketing, Distribution and understanding Demand & Supply.
  • We locate pain areas and provide solutions on clear cut deliverables. We work with your team to utilize their existing experience.

Boutique consulting firm for your specialized business planning needs